Frequently Asked Questions

Q.)  How do we dress for the photo shoot?
A.)  Solid neutrals are best. White, off white, pastels & blacks for color.  No prints as these tend to be overwhelming.  Shorts, sun dresses, golf shirts & a variety of accessories.

Q.)  What is the best time of day to shoot?
A.)  Sunset

Q.)  What if we are rained out?
A.)  We try to reschedule for another evening but if we can't, we schedule a convenient early morning session at 8am.

Q.)  What type of products do you create?
A.)  Prints, Fine Art Canvas, Albums, & Holiday Cards.

Q.)  How long does it take to receive our images?
A.)  Order fulfillment depends on what was ordered, typically orders take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks depending on what you have purchased & From time of approval of the family gallery posted at the web site. If there is no comment on the family gallery after 30 days prom posting we will assume that all is well and go to print and ship.    

  • Prints - 2-4 weeks
  • Fine Art Canvas - 4-8 weeks
  • Albums - 4-8 weeks

Q.)  How do I set an appointment?
A.)  Call us at 910 575 3900 & speak to one of our specialists about times & availability.

Q.)  What methods of payment do you accept?
A.)  We accept Cash, Check, VISA, & MasterCard

Q.)  When do we see the proofs?
A.)  Immediately following the session at your location. This way you can be part of the creative process & have your images be exactly how you want them. If you are not satisfied with the images at the proofing session there will be no charge for the sitting.

 Q.)  What about canvas & large prints, how do they work?
A.)  After we complete the retouching & color correcting we will e-mail you a final proof in advance of going into production.  We get approval from you will we move ahead with creating your final product.

Q.)  What kind of albums do you create?
A.)  They are graphically designed, perfect bound with leather hard covers. Each album starts with 20 pages of content good for an average of 45-50 images. Additional pages can be added & all images will be selected at the proofing session.

Q.)  When do you arrive on shoot day?
A.)  At least 30 minutes in advance of the appointment time so we can meet & set up for the proofing session following the photo shoot.

Q.)  What if we are a large group, can we proof the following day?
A.)  Yes, large group proofing sessions are held at 10AM at your location.

Q.)  Do you provide online galleries?
A.)  Yes, for images that are purchased at the proofing session only.

Q.)  Do you sell DVD discs of all the images created?
A.)  Yes.  They are limited to low resolution digital files designed to be shared online & for social media.  Life's A Beach Family Photography's official policy is that We never release high resolution digital images or digital files to our customers.

Q.)  Do you handle large groups?
A.)  Yes we do. The best way for us to plan your event is to have you fill out a contact us form & we can plan for your arrival with utmost efficiency. The product that best suits large gatherings is the custom album as it can serve large groups in the shortest time while on vacation.

Q.)  Do you guarantee your work?
A.)  Life's A Beach Family Photography's Images & Products carry a 100% Quality Guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with an image that we can not fix with additional retouching & re-printing with-in 3 attempts we will refund you 100% of that part of your order. We are committed to long term relationships with all our customers. Returns for reprint must be done with in 30 days of receipt of product.  if you change image selection after the initial approval & delivery to print, the refund warrenty is voided.

Q.)  Do you guarantee your work?
A.) Yes, if you are not happy with your images at the proofing session and you purchase nothing then we will  waive the sitting fee and you owe us nothing. note:     

Q.)  Do you guarantee your work?
A.) Yes, if you are not happy with your images at the proofing session and you purchase nothing then we will waive the sitting fee and you owe us nothing.                                                                                                                                                     

Q.) After we place our orders, when do you process the payment?
A.) All payments are processed immediately following order placement.

Q) What is your appointment cancellation policy?                                                                                                                         A) If your appointment is cancelled With 8 or more days notice there is no charge. If your appointment is cancelled with 7 or less days notice there is a charge of your sitting fee.  

Q.) What is the charge for researching an image that was not ordered at the original proofing session?
A.) There is $25 per image administration fee to go into old files and find specific images.

Q.) If I place an order and then cancel, what is the charge to me?
A.) There is a $50 per image cancellation fee. Covering all the image/file management time invested. 

Q.) What do your shipping & handling charges cover?
A) The shipping and handling fee cover the following: Packing labor & materials, actual shipping charges with insurance for the full value of the purchase. Plus all the image editing, retouching, color corrections to prepare the images for print. The base charge is 10% of the total of the sitting fee & purchase order unless the order is less than $250 then a flat fee of $25.        

Q) What is your policy for changing an order after it has been placed & paid for?
A) All sales are final however we allow one change per order within 7 business days of order placement.   

Q.)  How do we handle reprints?
A.)  Any images(s) that you want to have additional work done to the images in question need to be sent back to our studio with notes detailing the specific issues to be addressed.  We will make adjustments & reprint your images at no additional cost to you.  This policy is in place up to thirty (30) days from receipt of your original order.