About Life's A Beach Family Photography

Andrew M. Fox, creator and owner of Life's A Beach Family Photography, has been building to this moment in time throughout his entire lifetime: since his first paying design job when he was 5, over 50 years ago. Mr. Fox attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn N.Y. from 1977 - 1982 acquiring his bachelors degree in fine arts.

Agencies such as Ford Kids, Elite, IMG and others started to send their ingenues on a regular basis. Andrew wasn't even published yet, but he was earning his "chops" as a professional artist and businessman. During his youth, Mr. Fox spent several years as a wedding photographer's assistant and finally a lead photographer for several top NYC studios.

Then, in the spring of 2001, Andrew started scraping together a marketing and business budget; planning for his first summer in the Carolina's. Since that summer, Life's A Beach Family Photography Inc. has grown into the well-loved photography studio it is today.

Now entering into their 17th full year of operation, Life's A Beach Family Photography Inc. & commercial services is adding more services and products, while speeding up the process in which you receive those services and products. All while maintaining the highest degree of quality standards in the industry.